12 February 2017

Healthy Dog Food

(First episode about Choco: Sick Pets)

A little update on Choco. He is enjoying the bones of a whole chicken (leftover from a grilled chicken bought at the local market). These bones are obviously cooked, Choco has no problem digesting them.

Many years ago, Choco's vet warned the owners about the inability of a small dog digesting bones, saying that the bones would poke Choco's digestive system.
A dog's (big or small) digestive system gets weaker and weaker on a high-carbohydrate commercial dog food, because of the lack of minerals contained in bones. Minerals in bones, meat, organ meat make the dog's bowels very strong, so the tiny bone pieces are not a problem any more.

Another benefit: since Choco is on a "whole animal" diet, he has no parasites in the intestines. On a high-carb-commercial-dog-food diet, he was constantly on anti-parasitic medication.

Below, Choco is enjoying raw pork (meat with fat and skin), cooked eggs and sausages.

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