23 October 2012

Doctor Oz Show

Today, I was happy to see Dr Robert Lustig (the anti-sugar gay) on the Doctor Oz Show today. He was talking about the harmful effects of sugar in our body. I already wrote about this here.

20 October 2012

A "Well-Deserved" Ice-Cream after Exercise

I often hear people say that after strenuous exercise they deserve a treat, an ice-cream or some kind of "forbidden" food. They think that after running off some calories, that little sweet treat won't do any harm.

The reality, or the biochemical reaction in our bodies, is somewhat different.

17 October 2012

Cancer and Alzheimer

This is just a short post about the incidence of cancer in isolated populations compared to the "civilized world". The evidence shows that the number of cancer rises with the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar. You can read more about cancer and diet in this article: What causes cancer?

07 October 2012

Enjoying life

"You are out of your mind when you take insulin in order to eat Danish pastry."
                                                       - Blake Donaldson

03 October 2012

Children and Low Fat - Health Hazards

This is what I've found recently on the net: Kids still hungry after school lunch (you can also read here). With the new guidelines in America, kids get more fruits and vegetables in their school lunch and - this year - less meat. And they are hungry! After a big salad, fruits and a bit of meat, everybody is hungry. These kids, when they go home, they crave "something", which is usually a high-carbohydrate and/or sugar snack in the form of a cereal bar, or more "unhealthy" versions, like a mars bar or potato chips (more carbs and sugar).