07 October 2012

Enjoying life

"You are out of your mind when you take insulin in order to eat Danish pastry."
                                                       - Blake Donaldson
When people do something harmful to their health, but still enjoyable, I often hear: "Life is short" as an excuse. I agree that it is very important to "enjoy life", but it is also important to be aware that what we are doing is not necessarily helping us. I usually reply: "Life is short, and I don't want to make it even shorter."

People might not understand my dietary choices and they think I suffer a lot by not eating certain things and not drinking alcohol for instance. They do not understand that this is how I really enjoy my life after more than two decades of allergy symptoms. They do not know that before on a "healthy diet" I was sick and hungry all the time. Now, I recovered from my chronic disease, no more medicine, and I never crave sweets or carbohydrates.

I have seen many people recently who seem healthy from the outside, but suffer from chronic diseases, for example: thyroid problems, allergies, cancer, diabetes, etc. The only way out for them is taking medication for the rest of their lives. When they feel the side effects of the medications and the symptoms of their diseases, they become desperate and only then start look for alternative ways to heal themselves. Many people (including myself) went through these stages. At a certain point of my life I came to realize that "if I continue to do what I am doing, it will not get better". I needed change. I refused to accept that I need medication to mask the symptoms of my chronic disease caused by diet based on the "healthy pyramid".

I am happy that I few years ago I questioned every conventional belief about a healthy diet. I am also happy that I could find the evidence to support my theory and explain the biochemical background of these diseases. But the best proof that this diet works is my recovery and the feedback I get from my friends who were too desperate to ignore the science behind it and were willing to guinea-pig themselves.

Do I enjoy life? Yes, I do, more than ever. And yes, we are fools if we take insulin in order to eat cookies. I wish I knew all this many many years ago.


  1. Well Said - I agree 100%. To choose insulin or metmorfin over healthy eating just astounds me. Sadly some don't realise there is another way.

  2. There is something wrong with the insulin/Danish example.

    Once on a Paleo/Primal diet, there is no way I'd go back. I think I did not realize how bad I was feeling every day from the various effect of the SAD.

    Karen P