23 October 2012

Doctor Oz Show

Today, I was happy to see Dr Robert Lustig (the anti-sugar gay) on the Doctor Oz Show today. He was talking about the harmful effects of sugar in our body. I already wrote about this here.

I was wondering if Oz got Lustig's message: we don't get fat because we consume to many calories, but we get fat because of chronically elevated insulin levels, caused by carbohydrate and sugar consumption on a daily basis. Obesity is not caused by overeating, but by a hormonal imbalance.

After watching Doctor Oz's recommendations for children to lose weight - to eat fruits, vegetables, skinless chicken breast and whole cereals - I have to explain to my children that it's very important to include saturated fat in the diet. Fat is especially important for children. On Oz's "heart healthy diet" children are hungry, and here's why.

Then, my son explained to me that in school, as a snack they offer meat only on children's day or special occasions, because it's too fat and not healthy. On normal days, instead of meat, they have the choice between different types of sugary snacks, full of refined carbohydrates. And we still wonder why our kids get fat, need braces and glasses (related to vitamin A deficiency, animal fat is very rich in this vitamin and we cannot absorb it from plant sources).


  1. Thanks for posting this!! I watch Dr Oz in the hope that one day he will "get it" but unfortunately he hasn't yet. We are behind in episodes so won't get this one for awhile.

    Some days I only watch a few minutes of his show - it is all I can stand because it is so wrong!!

  2. Excellent article ilona!