22 October 2016

Simple Food

Keep your food very simple. 


The less ingredients used for a meal, the easier on the digestive system, only a few types of digestive enzymes the body needs to produce in order to break down the nutrients.


Eat the amounts of food that your stomach can handle without cramps, bloating etc. It's always better to eat less at one meal, than to eat a big meal thinking that in the next hour you will need a lot of energy. Do not eat for your future activities. Eat for the past damage, eat to repair your body.
"[...] to live in accordance with the simplicity of Nature, which teaches us to be satisfied with little [...] to eat nothing but that wchich is necessary to sustain life."
                               - Luigi Cornaro, The Art of Living Long
Long time ago, people did not eat 3 full meals a day. They feasted when food was available and they eat very little when food was scarce.
Daniel Everett (Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes, pages 76-77). "They [the Piraha Indians of South America] enjoy eating. Whenever there is food available in the village, they eat it all.... [But] missing a meal or two, or even going without eating for a day, is taken in stride. I have seen people dance for three days with only brief breaks.... Pirahas [visiting] in the city for the first time are always surprised by Western eating habits, especially the custom of three meals a day. For their first meal outside of the village, most Pirahas eat greedily - large quantities of protein and starch. For the second meal they eat the same. But the third meal they begin to show frustration. They look puzzled. often they ask, 'Are we eating again?' Their own practice of eating food when it is available until it is gone now conflicts with the circumstances in which food is always available and never gone. Often after a visit of three to six weeks, a Piraha [originally weighing between 100 and 125 pounds] will return as much as 30 pounds overweight to the village, rolls of fat on their belly and thighs."
                                      - Jared Diamond, The World Until Yesterday
When weight loss is difficult, just try to eat less, skip meals and fast, in order to allow your body to dip into its fat reserves.

Wise words from Butter Bob:

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