18 April 2017

Pet Update

This is update number 3 about Choco. You can read the previous articles here:
Sick Pets
Healthy Dog Food

Choco recently made his annual visit to the vet. Nothing remarquable, his weight is almost the same (from 7.3 kg last year, to 7.25 kg this year), no diseases, obesity or plaque deposit on his teeth. Here is his health booklet (sorry it's in French):

This is because his food is this for the past few years: whole animals raw or cooked.

Since Choco feast on animals, he doesn't kill the birds any more.

A few days ago, to celebrate Easter, Choco received a "dog treat" (bought from a pet store) by a well-meaning person. Choco smelled it and just covered it with urine.

Enjoy your bones Choco!

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