14 January 2014

Sugar in Disguise

Article: 16 Supposedly Healthy Foods With More Sugar Than A Snickers Bar

In this article I received today (thank you, Ross!) you can see that certain foods might not be as "healthy" as their manufacturers claim. We might be consuming more sugar than we think.

Just imagine that you eat a chicken salad (loaded with sugar), maybe you drink a bit of wine, and then you congratulate yourself for this seemingly "healthy" choice by consuming an ice-cream after your meal, preferably low in fat. Then let's have coffee, maybe in the form of a Frappuccino from Starbucks.

A good recipe for sugar overload.

Low-fat products have much more sugar and starch in them. You might not know that you are consuming sugar, as it can be listed under different names on the product's ingredient list. 

Names for sugar (from Fat Chance, by Dr Robert H. Lustig):

Watch this video to see how much sugar is in Coke:

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