27 September 2013

Sugar and Other Stuff In Our Coffee

Ingredients: Sucrose Syrup (Cane), Water, Flavour, Preservatives (211, 202), Food Acid (330).

Artificial sweetener (no calories)
Ingredients: Water, Flavour, Maltodextrin, Artificial Sweetener (951), Food Acid (330), Vegetable Gum (466), Preservatives 201, 211), Acidity Regulator (332).

I took these two pictures in Starbucks to see what kind ingredients they use the sweeteners. I think most companies have similar ingredients, and the purpose of this post is not to compare sweeteners in different companies, but just to show that when we think we drink coffee with sugar, in reality it's coffee with sugar and chemicals.

When I hear people talking about health, usually MacDonald's and Coca-Cola get the blame. Starbucks and similar companies' coffee drinks are rarely voiced.

Maybe because such headlines appear in the news:
Swapping Starbucks for sit-ups: Toronto researchers offer coupons as incentive to exercise

People might think that the path to health is simply eating whatever we want and run it off later. Exercise is very important, but it is not enough to prevent chronic diseases. I don't think we can run off the harmful effects of a diet high in sugar.

I prefer my coffee with double cream!


  1. I think excess of any thing is bad for health. I prefer precaution than cure.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. No sugar or sweetener for me. Coffee at it's natural taste the best!