27 September 2012

Allergies - Update

I've already wrote about my Japanese friend, M, who had severe allergic reactions to dairy products and eggs. She started a high-fat diet 3 months ago and this is what she wrote me last week:

"People are very surprise to see me being so healthy and mostly, they are shocked to find out that I can eat eggs and dairy products...
I am loosing weight, yes!
Feeling so calm and great, yes!
My focus and performance is so much better in my work, yes!
No bad reaction when I eat eggs, yes! (I eat eggs every day now...)
My skin is so smooth, yes!"
                             - M
I saw M again last Sunday. She eats eggs and dairy products, and has no allergic reactions at all. Is this a miracle? I don't think so.

This is my humble explanation, again, with the same logic of high-carbohydrate diet versus high-fat diet.

When we eat a high carbohydrate diet, insulin levels are constantly elevated, so our organs and immune system do not get the necessary energy (calories) to function or for repair. The immune system goes out of balance and starts to overreact to normal, every day substances like eggs, dairy products, dust, animal hair, etc. The doctor then tells us to avoid the substances we are allergic to. It makes sense and helps many times. But, it is more important to give the proper building blocks to our body to function well. For example, vitamin D (from dietary fat and sunlight) is very important in preventing auto-immune diseases, such as allergies.

I do not state here that everyone who changes their diet will recover from allergies, and some people will need medical help for the rest of their lives. I just want to give an example of recovery beside my story. I am convinced though, that body functions improve once insulin levels are lower, by cutting out sugar and refined carbohydrates from our diet.

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