23 July 2012

Paleo Diet - Muscle Cramps

My friend, who just started the High Fat (Paleo) diet, have been having muscle cramps during the night. She asked me what the cause can be. (Otherwise, she is feeling great).

The paleo diet, based on meat, fish vegetables and little fruits, has a diuretic effect. We loose weight, but minerals as well.

The contractions are actually due to a deficiency in:

- Magnesium: found in green leafy vegetables, fish (preferably with the bone, like sardines), bone broth, nuts (almonds, pumpkin seed).
Calcium: from green leafy vegetables, fish (preferably with the bone, like sardines), bone broth, fermented dairy products (yoghurt, sour cream).
Potassium: found in vegetables and fruits (avocados, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, bananas)
Sweet potatoes and bananas to consume in smaller amount, because of it's effect on insulin levels (they are high in starch).
Sodium: just add a bit more salt.

Here's what to do:
- Eat more leafy greens.
- Eat more salt.
- Add a bit of sweet potato to the diet.
- Drink bone broth every day.


  1. How has she been after the few adjustments to her diet? It turned out that her body lacked some nutrients from the paleo diet and needed some more. It's good though that her body spoke of it early instead of getting ill later on. The paleo diet is actually good, but if your body is used to dairy products and green veggies, you should not completely take it away.

    Kristal Byrnes

    1. Now, she is fine, no more cramps. I think the cramps were due to water and salt loss when she started the high fat diet.

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