30 July 2012

Allergies - M's story

M is a beautiful, 37 years old girl, from Japan. She was introduced to me through one of my friends. When I first met her, she was suffering from allergies (dairy products and eggs) which she tried to cure with expensive Chinese medicine. She was struggling to loose weight, and she was hungry all the time. All her life, she had problems with her periods (painful and not regular).

Her diet consisted of unhealthy sugary foods and "healthy" foods as well - by conventional wisdom - no animal fat and low-fat products.

So I suggested her to try out the LCHF diet (Low Carb - High Fat) diet. So, she cut out sugar and starches completely from her diet and replaced them with meat, fish, butter, cream, cheese and some vegetables and fruits. You can see here more in detail what she is eating now. Her only concern with this diet was hunger. I assured her, that if the diet contains fat from meat and fish, we are absolutely not hungry. We actually tend to skip meals. On a high carbohydrate diet, people feel constantly hungry.

I see M regularly, and every time we meet, she tells me about a new improvement in her body. The first one, her periods became regular, and for the first time in her life she does not need painkillers. Her allergy symptoms are disappearing, even though she eats a lot of sour cream. She also started to reintroduce eggs in her diet, no allergic reactions so far. She started to loose weight, her skin is smoother and she told me that she is more calm even in stressful situations.

I also had debilitating allergic reactions of the respiratory system for more that 20 years. During my search for the right nutrition, I've learned that even the lining of the lungs are made of cholesterol. So if the lung tissue gets damaged, I need to replace it with dietary cholesterol (saturated fat). As soon as I started the paleo eating plan, all my symptoms disappeared. Is it magic? I don't think so. Diet was the only thing I changed in my lifestyle.

Allergies are a sign of an unbalanced immune system. If we give the right building blocks to our body, it starts to function properly. Diet has a tremendous impact on our health.

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